Test System Design

Obsidian Technology provides not only device design services, but also related test board design.

  • In-house board layout and assembly
  • Debug
  • PC or Linux based system test software
  • ARM, MSP430, TI DSP or PIC firmware development
  • Test data conversion / data processing software
  • Prototype device testing
  • Transistion to production test

Typical example boards ...

LVDS Test/Evaluation Board  
pdBoard5p2 800px  




2/21/17 - OT ships ams aH18 clock mutiplier PLL.

12/9/16 - New USB PD Development board.

5/22/16 - OT ships 130nm USB Type-C IP.

4/1/15 - Obsidian Announces USB 3.1 Cable Marker Chip. See more.

5/8/14 - Obsidian demonstates USB PD over Type-C. See more.

11/4/13 - Obsidian ships 4th PD IP version.

1/15/13 - Obsidian provides technology for CES demo.

USB Power Delivery IP

12/5/10 - 0.35ยต Ip demo chip functional.