Wide Design Scope

We offer a wide range of service: from a basic library cell to a complete Analog Front End architecture:

  • Specification development

  • Circuit design

  • Spice testbench design

  • Full custom high speed logic blocks
  • CMOS Mixed Signal Layout

  • Layout generators (pcells etc)

  • Signal Process Modeling in Matlab/Simulink or custom C++

  • Verilog / VerilogA Modeling

  • Supporting code in C++, perl, etc

  • Detailed documentation

  • Training materials

  • Process Design Kit (PDK) development and maintenance

  • Design audit/review service

  • Test bench board design and build

Flexible Working Arrangements

  • On-site or remotely based

  • Hourly or milestone based billing

  • Hands-on or advisory

  • Architectural through single cell design levels

  • Design porting or original design