BFSK Transceiver IPUSB Power Delivery OTI9122

Analog Front End Chip IP

The OTI912x is a symbol level BFSK transceiver front end for data communication over low voltage power cords. Supports USB Power Delivery FM communication standard. Designed to be highly flexible to accommodate a wide range of power cord communication applications.

Features IP Overview

  • Silicon proven in the OTC9102, and 3 customer chips.
  • Available Obsidian RTL/C implementation of protocol and policy layers. (Demo board available)
  • Supports 1.2 USB PD communication and cable marker standard.
  • Uses low cost inductor and capacitor to isolate power communication signals.
  • 18-25MHz carrier frequency range.
  • High DC wonder tolerance allows for uncoded data streams.
  • Integrated receive filter provides high tolerance to power line noise.
  • Very low power squelch only active circuit in suspend mode.
  • Loop back capable.
  • Low cost CMOS process technology.
  • See the technology in action.

USB Power Delivery IP System Diagram








  • Generic wireline communications.
  • V1 Power Delivery Devices.
  • V1 Power Delivery hubs.
  • Wall chargers.


  • Data sheets for mixed signal IP, RTL, and software.
  • GDS layout, and layout outline.
  • LVS netlist.
  • Integration notes.
  • Verilog model.
  • Timing model.
  • RTL source code.
  • C software source code.

Source Code

As with most Obsidian products, source code is optionally available with training and installation on customers systems such that the full technology can be effectively transferred.

For source licensing terms, price, and delivery This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (949) 363-7982