USB Power Delivery Development Products and Services

Obsidian Technology recognizes the potential of the USB Power Delivery concept as a clear step forward in the delivery of power for a wide variety of mobile and desktop items. We are offering a number of products and services to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of key PD technologies. The current product and service offerings are as follows:

Analog Front Endoti9107t

  • Type-C receiver, compatible with PD 3 noise tolerance requirements.
  • Type-C compliant driver.
  • PD required level comparators.
  • Overload protected 5V/200mA switches for VCONN.
  • Internal CC activity sensor requires no clock.
  • IP available for 65n, 130n and 180n CMOS.
  • Source, multi-chip or single-chip licensing available.
  • Silicon proven.

Port Logic RTL

Port Logic RTL contains all the necessary functions between the AFE, and an 8b register interface. An I2C interface is also an option. These include:

  • Transmit and receive buffering.
  • Line coding/decoding.
  • CRC generation and checking.
  • Automatic goodCRC packet return. Tolerates 10mS interrupt service time from attached processor.
  • Optional hardware implemented Type-C state machine for low power idle operation.


Demonstration/Development Board (OTS9106)

  • General Purpose USB Power Delivery Firmware development board.
  • Operates as stand alone PD source or sink.
  • 4 internal power regulators support multiple power senarios. Max 3A 20V output power.
  • Separate FPGA and ARM modules give good access for RTL and C code development and testing.
  • Type-C baseband and full speed USB communications only.
  • Can be used for IP complience testing.


Custom Consulting Services

  • Pre-compliance testing.
  • Design and lab debug service to facilitate fast development.
  • Access to demo chips for early development systems.


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