OT0210bj 4MHz-35MHz Crystal Oscillator

xosc2The OT0210bj is a flexible crystal oscillator for the Austriamicrosystems 0.18µ CMOS processes. It is designed to operate with standard AT cut crystals. This cell does not include ESD protection and is designed to be used with 100? ESD pads. Current adjustment is provided to optimize power and accommodate crystal characteristics over the frequency range.


  • 4MHz-35MHz Frequency range.
  • No external bias or limit resistors required.
  • Current optimization for best power at frequency.
  • Duty cycle control loop.
  • Amplitude control loop.
  • The padi input can be used as a cmos input.
  • Uses single 1.8V supply.
  • Enable/power down provision.
  • Service includes simulation with vendors crystal or resonator models.

Standard Deliverables:

  • Metal layout outline.
  • Flat gds layout (for some IP this is delivered to the fab for integration).
  • Verilog model.
  • Spice flat netlist. 
  • Basic spice testbench. Allows for verification of basic function.
  • Integration notes, and integration consulting support.
  • Test implementation notes.


  • Available support for manufacturing and characterization.
  • Available translation to your design style.
  • Available on-site design review.
  • Source licensing available.

Simple License Options:

IP Multi-Use Package

  • Allows usage on multiple designs.
  • Flat gds layout, netlist, integration notes, data sheet, layer map.
  • Available on site consulting and design integration training / support.
  • No Royalties.

Source Ownership

  • Full source ownership and required documentation and training to allow modification, derivation, porting.
  • Hierarchical gds layout, schematic, netlist, integration notes, data sheet, design notes, test benches, layer map.
  • Available on site consulting and design integration training / support / porting to your system.
  • No Royalties.