OT2120 Low Overhead Temperature SensortempMon1

The OT2120 is a programmable very low overhead temperature cell which can measure temperature, and/or be used as a fixed temperature range sensor.

An input analog mux monitors up to 8 foundry characterized diode-connected transistors. Two low offset comparators compare the input voltage against references derived from two digitally controlled potentiometers.

The function can operate in either pulsed or continuous mode. When used in pulse mode a full temperature measurement takes 20uS, and the cell may be powered down when not in use.

Typical uses include over-temperature alarm, device characterization, temperature compensation etc. The extremely low area and power overhead of the cell make it an excellent diagnostic addition to any device.


  • Up to 8 direct inputs.
  • 0°C to 140°C temperature operation.
  • ±2°C un-calibrated accuracy @ 50°C.
  • Very small cell area.
  • Works with OT0102 voltage and current band gap.
  • Less than 10µW power dissipation. Less in pulsed operation.
  • Includes standard sensor transistor layout.
  • On Semiconductor C4/C5 and Austriamicrosystems .35µ and .18µ process availability.
  • Supported with demo micro controller code.


  1. 4 Weeks lead time for process ports.
  2. Available support for manufacturing and characterization.
  3. Available on-site translation to your design style.
  4. On-site design review.