OT1103bj: Low Dropout Linear Regulatorldo5

The OT1103bj is a 150mA CMOS low dropout regulator designed for use in a wide variety of mixed signal device applications.

The base design is implemented with lambda-based sizing and portable layout constructs for maximum ease of process porting. This version is designed for Austriamicrosystems high voltage AMSH18 0.18µ process.

Available customizations include specific output voltage, or digitally trimmed output voltage.



  • Input voltage range 2.9V – 5.7V.
  • Output voltage 1.2V – 3.3V.
  • Output short circuit and fold-back protection.
  • Switchable over-temperature protection.
  • Universal design works with a wide variety of pad libraries.
  • Works with OT0103 or other conventional 1.2V band gap.
  • External 4.7µF decoupling capacitor.
  • Power down/enable input.
  • Fast response to current steps.
  • Good line and load regulation.
  • -40°C to 120°C temperature operation.
  • Base cell area < 0.18mm2 in 0.18µ AMSH18 CMOS.ldoLayout2vf

Typical Applications

  • Battery to 1.2V, 1.8V, or 3.3V core VDD rails.
  • 3.3V to 1.2V, 1.8V, or 2.5V VDD rails.


  • Flat GDS.
  • LEF.
  • LVS netlist.
  • Integration notes.
  • Production test notes.





  • 4 Weeks lead time for process ports.
  • Available support for manufacturing and characterization.
  • Available translation to your design style.
  • Available on-site design review.
  • Source licensing available.