OT1100af: Low Dropout Linear RegulatorldoDiagram

The OT1101af is a 150mA CMOS low dropout regulator designed for use in a wide variety of mixed signal device applications.

The base design is implemented with lambda-based sizing and portable layout constructs for maximum ease of process porting.


  • Input voltage range 3.5V – 5.5V.
  • Output voltage 1.2V – 3.3V.
  • Output short circuit protection.
  • Universal design works with a wide variety of pad libraries.
  • Works with OT0102af voltage and current band gap.
  • External 4.7µF decoupling capacitor.
  • Power down/enable input.
  • Fast response to current steps.
  • Good line and load regulation.
  • -40°C to 120°C temperature operation.
  • Base cell area 0.1mm2 in 0.5µ CMOS.
  • On Semiconductor C5 1P3M process compatibility.

Typical Applications

  • Battery to 1.2V or 1.8V core VDD rails.
  • 5V to 1.2V, 1.8V, or 3.3V VDD rails.

Standard Deliverables:

  • Metal layout outline.
  • Flat gds layout (for some IP this is delivered to the fab for integration).
  • Verilog model.
  • Spice flat netlist. 
  • Basic spice testbench. Allows for verification of basic function.
  • Integration notes, and integration consulting support.
  • Test implementation notes.


  • Available support for manufacturing and characterization.
  • Available translation to your design style.
  • Available on-site design review.
  • Source licensing available.

Simple License Options:

IP Multi-Use Package

  • Allows usage on multiple designs.
  • Flat gds layout, netlist, integration notes, data sheet, layer map.
  • Available on site consulting and design integration training / support.
  • No Royalties.

Source Ownership

  • Full source ownership and required documentation and training to allow modification, derivation, porting.
  • Hierarchical gds layout, schematic, netlist, integration notes, data sheet, design notes, test benches, layer map.
  • Available on site consulting and design integration training / support / porting to your system.
  • No Royalties.