OT3127 8-128MHz PLL for ams 0.18u Processes

The OT3127 is a 128MHz output PLL function with 8MHz or 16MHz. High range M divider allows this PLL to be driven by low power non-overtone crystal oscillator circuits if required. This IP is designed for the ams amsh18 0.18µ digital or high voltage CMOS processes. Both digital and analog parts of the IP are isolated in deep nwells for noise isolation.



  • Fixed N=1, and P=2 dividers.
  • M integer can be set for 32 or 16.
  • 128MHz output frequency.
  • 5pS RMS jitter at 128MHz.
  • Lock-detect function.
  • Bypass function.
  • Well defined startup behavior.
  • -40°C to 140°C temperature operation.
  • Available divider selection program.
  • Small cell area: 0.04mm2 in 0.18µ CMOS.
  • 1.6mW typical power dissipation.
  • 1.8V digital and analog supplies.
  • 0.18µ CMOS process compatibility.
  • Silicon proven architecture.

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