OT3121bh 266MHz General Purpose PLL

Price: $9,900 for
Multi-Use License!





The OT3121bh is a flexible clock multiplier PLL function with a wide range of input and output frequencies designed for a 0.35µ digital CMOS process, and highly portable to any CMOS process. The design features an advanced multi-stage balanced VCO for exceptional cycle to cycle jitter performance..



  • Wide range N, M, P integer dividers.pll2px300
  • 15MHz – 266MHz output frequency range.
  • Compare frequency range 2MHz – 32MHz.
  • 6pS RMS jitter at 100MHz.
  • Lock-detect function.
  • Bypass function.
  • Well defined start-up behavior.
  • -40°C to 140°C temperature operation.
  • Available divider selection program.
  • Small cell area: 0.15mm2 in 0.35µ CMOS.
  • 7.5mW typical power dissipation at 3.3V.
  • 3.0V - 3.6V analog and digital supplies.
  • 0.35µ single or double poly process compatibility.
  • 4 week port for other processes.