General Purpose PLL

General Purpose PLL

Obsidian Technology has a flexible General Purpose Phase Locked Loop Platform designed for rapid portability between CMOS processes, even when basic technology options, such as capacitor fabrication may differ.

Pricing from $9,900 for Multi-Use License

As with all Obsidian IP, the design may be customized/optimized for specific needs, and there is the option to review the design in detail on site.


The layout architecture features variable blocks, such as the filter capacitors at the edge of the cell for rapid optimization of performance. The vco is embedded in the filter  components to be spaced from noisy logic components.

Other design features include:

  • Safe start-up over a wide variety of power ramp up and brown-out situations, which includes a backup over-clock prevention circuit.
  • On board current reference circuit.
  • Simulated corner temperatures  +140ºC, in addition to usual PVT corners.
  • Fast locking is achieved buy modifying loop filter characteristics during frequency acquisition.

Further product information: