OT4101bh 10MHz 10 bit Low Power Pipelined ADC

The OT4101bh is a general purpose high speed pipelined ADC, designed in 350n CMOS, and highly portable to a wide variety of CMOS technologies.



  • 9.3 bits ENBO at 1MHz
  • 80% Nyquist bandwidth
  • 2.8V peak-peak differential input swing
  • Extensive characterization/testability interface
  • 0.65mm2 area
  • 3.3V analog and digital supply voltages.
  • Low power operation 25mW.
  • Single bandgap voltage reference input (bandgap also available)
  • Integrated Sample and Hold stage
  • Analog test bus interface for characterization and production test
  • Supported with choice of calibration block, or calibration routines in C for improved offset and dynamic range



  • Flat GDS
  • Netlist
  • Integration notes
  • Test notes
  • Supporting C code
  • Verilog model
  • Timing Model
  • Matlab functional model
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