Refer Business to Obsidian?

Obsidian is focused on technology rather than sales. So we have a policy of rewarding qualified folks who refer business opportunities to us which we choose to follow up and which result in any profitable business. This has proven to be an excellent method of finding new customers and we have rewarded our referrers accordingly.

To make this fair we of course need to have some rules. These are:

  1. The opportunity must be genuinely new to Obsidian. I.e. An opportunity at a current or new customer of which we have no knowledge of and would not reasonably become aware of within the following 90 days.
  2. A referral fee at 7.5% of net received income from the referred business up to 12 months from the time of referral. The referral fees are capped at $25,000 per opportunity.
  3. Obsidian may choose not to follow up on referrals for any reason.
  4. In the case that a referral is offered by more than one person the first referrer will receive the fee.
  5. By referring business to Obsidian Technology the referrer must not be breaking any existing contracts between themselves and any third party. Neither may any obvious conflict of interest be involved.
  6. It is our aim to be fair. However, to avoid unforeseen legal ambiguities Obsidian Technology reserves the right to make final judgments on teams, conditions, and fee payments.

If this sounds interesting, and you are able to refer business to us, please join the growing number of our business referrers and contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for full details. Lets find some business!...