Educational Use Program

Obsidian makes IP available at a nominal instantiation fee for approved Educational Institutions.

Program Terms

  • IP is licensed for single multi-project wafer usage only.
  • A Mutual Non Disclosure agreement is required.
  • Specific IP must be ordered 7 weeks prior to the MPW release date.
  • Licensee agrees to provide available feedback on the sample silicon performance.
  • Liability is strictly limited to replacement of IP deliverables.
  • For some IP, Obsidian will deliver metal-only instance of the layout, and work with the fab to instantiate the full layout there.
  • Payment in advance is required.


  • Flat T-Spice netlist
  • Flat gds 
  • Verilog model where available
  • Integration notes
  • 4 hours telephone or email integration support.


  • Low dropout linear regulators (LDO), bandgaps, power monitors, POR: $750 per instance.
  • PLL IP's:  $1000 per instance.
  • Pipeline ADC's: $5000 per instance.

For further infomation email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.