IIRGen54: Filter Assembly Code Generator for Texas Instruments 5xxx Series DSP Processors.


IIRGen is a easy to use, low cost, assembly code generator tool that generates C callable assembler filter routines for Code Composer StudioTM (CCS) and works from within MatlabTM or as a stand alone product. It does all the detail optimization and scaling of coefficients and generates a finished fixed point filter. It also generates a SimulinkTM fixed point test bench for simulation and verification of the output filter.

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  • Optimized IIR filter code for the 54x DSP.
  • Generates ready to use .asm, .c, .cmd files in seconds.
  • Generates Matlab/Simulink fixed point test bench for simulation.
  • Tightly coupled to TI CCSTM.
  • Standard filter + arbitrary filter generation.
  • Automatic handling of coefficient generation and scaling.
  • Matlab command line interface option.
  • Backed by phone and email support services.