Audio ANC Development Experienceanc

Obsidian has experience in developing both hardware and software components for audio Adaptive Noise Cancellation.

Here is an mp3 recording of one of the systems developed. In the first part of the recording we have white noise. In the second part of the recording the ANC is switched on and the active-X LMS algorithm gradually tunes out the noise.

Try it out ... SoundDemo.

Software Features

  • Developed with TI CCSTM.
  • Fixed or run time X filter training.
  • Up to 20dB attenuation from 100Hz to 3KHz.
  • Key filter routines are implemented in assembler and performance optimized for the unique characteristics of ANC.
  • Top level coding is in C with calls to simple functional routines in assembler. Facilitates easy code comprehension and porting.