1000BaseT DSP Modeleye

Complete DSP Front End model solution for Gigabit copper physical layer which includes:

  • Choice of MatlabTM/Simulink or C++ DSP system behavioral model.
  • HDL at block structural level.
  • 7 Bit ADC compatible.
  • Both bit level and floating point models.
  • Efficient Tapered LMS resolution.
  • Exploration of resolution / filter length tradeoffs.
  • Matlab cable and plant models developed from over 1800 individual plant measurements.
  • Supports simple resistive hybrid.
  • Option for baud rate or 2x oversampled system.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Support services for design integration.
  • IEEE compliance in function and interface signaling.

Design Functions:

  • Digital Timing Recovery.
  • Automatic Gain Control System.
  • Decision Feedback Equalizer.
  • Echo Cancellation
  • NEXT Cancellation.
  • Offset Cancellation.
  • DC Wonder Correction.
  • Transmit filtering.
  • State Controller.
  • Models of Analog Front End Functions.
  • Extensive cable and plant models.

1000BaseT Architecture

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