Low Cost Power/Current Measurement IP Application
Based on a low cost current shunt algorithm



As the cost of domestic electrical power continues to increase, understanding electrical power usage becomes of more interest to the consumer. Accordingly, an additional $1 - $2 for a power connection product with built in power measurement may allow consumers to more effectively use power, and hence make significant savings in utility bills.

Power measurement may also be considered to be a novel feature to drive sales of extension cords etc.

uniPmode1ScThe OTX103 is a low cost, line power measurement demonstratorĀ  for consumer applications, that features a simple copper current shunt compensated by software. It is designed to be included in any product with a perceived value in knowing the true RMS power, voltage, energy being consumed. Also the total cost of the energy consumed.

The device continuously displays power on an LCD display. The design is very simple and requires a minimal number of components. It may be implemented on a signal signed PCB or small 2 sided PCB depending on the features requirements. The design features a patent-applied- for low cost current shunt.

Typical ApplicationsĀ 

  • Current shunt cost reduction for high volume electrical machines and vehicles.
  • Consumer extension leads and sockets.
  • Stand alone consumer power measurement units.
  • Built into high end wall sockets etc.
  • Integration into consumer and industrial electrical products.