About Obsidian Technology

  • Founded 1995
  • Privately owned consulting company
  • Diversified customer base
  • Self funded

About Obsidian IP

  • Early delivery of front-end models.
  • On-site support available, including transfer of source to your design environment.
  • Available on-site design review.
  • On-site training for source licensing.
  • Option to take ip though your own quality and review processes.
  • Characterization support.
  • Fast and flexible legal. We typically accept your standard bi-directional NDA.
  • Simple plain-language contracts.


Naturally! All ip supplied by Obsidian Technology may be customized to specific needs. We also provide ip to customer supplied specifications. Obsidian can also provide translation to your specific formats.

Standard Deliverables:

  • Metal layout outline.
  • Flat gds layout (for some IP this is delivered to the fab for integration).
  • Verilog model.
  • Spice flat netlist. 
  • Basic spice testbench. Allows for verification of basic function.
  • Integration notes, and integration consulting support.
  • Test implementation notes.


  • Available support for manufacturing and characterization.
  • Available translation to your design style.
  • Available on-site design review.
  • Source licensing available.

Simple License Options:

IP Multi-Use Package

  • Allows usage on multiple designs.
  • Flat gds layout, netlist, integration notes, data sheet, layer map.
  • Available on site consulting and design integration training / support.
  • No Royalties.

Source Ownership

  • Full source ownership and required documentation and training to allow modification, derivation, porting.
  • Hierarchical gds layout, schematic, netlist, integration notes, data sheet, design notes, test benches, layer map.
  • Available on site consulting and design integration training / support / porting to your system.
  • No Royalties.


2/21/17 - OT ships ams aH18 clock mutiplier PLL.

12/9/16 - New USB PD Development board.

5/22/16 - OT ships 130nm USB Type-C IP.

4/1/15 - Obsidian Announces USB 3.1 Cable Marker Chip. See more.

5/8/14 - Obsidian demonstates USB PD over Type-C. See more.

11/4/13 - Obsidian ships 4th PD IP version.

1/15/13 - Obsidian provides technology for CES demo.

USB Power Delivery IP

12/5/10 - 0.35µ Ip demo chip functional.